Welcome to Inwood Camping 2014.

We have had a great season and thank you to all of those who have visited this year. There is still time left so don't miss out on the last weekends of a great Summer.

Inwood is still large and varied, with its grassy meadows and all different sorts of woodland camping. Mark will be there, and Bruce is on for it. We still allow campfires and dogs, have wood for sale and our unique campfire grills for hire, but there have been some new developments in place for the 2014 camping season.

We have opened up a grove of chestnuts to provide a new area of dappled woodland camping and have a couple of new self-contained meadows suitable for three or four tents.

We have some gas powered hot showers in the wilds at the far end of the site, and a fully stocked camp store by reception.

We also have a new entrance, which is a few yards up the hill and less on the corner.

Our grassy meadows, enclosed within the mixed woodlands, and our large open field with views over the rolling North Wessex Downs to the North West remain, as do the numerous places to pitch within the woods themselves.

You can go into the deciduous mixed woods, or go for what we call the Gothic camping and pitch within the stands of great fir trees. Oddly enough these areas are particularly good for large groups who have created extended tent villages in what has been described as a huge green cathedral.

Inwood has large areas of un-camped woodland to explore within the site, places to build dens, and to get a bit lost in, as well as much wildlife, deer, rabbits and many birds including at least one pair of Nightingales. We are arranging to have Bushcraft sessions on a regular basis and will keep you posted.



It looks like we are going to get a little extra summer this year!! We have plenty of space for all September weekends and there is no two night minimum so please book now to get the most out of a great Summer